What Happens to a Snake When it Eats Itself from its Own Tail?

This is a question scientists have been trying to crack for millennia but are yet to find an answer. A quick google search will find that no one can agree on what actually happens. Today we are here to put an end to this.

 This concept actually has a word for it! Ouroboros, originating from ancient Egyptian iconography. Yes, that's how long we have been trying to figure this out for.

There are a few theories that go around, it mostly depends on how motivated the snake in question is. For example, say we have a particularly lazy snake, giving a half-ass effort the final result would most likely end in the snake dying before he finished his meal. Death would incur from most likely a bacterial infection due to compromised immune system (immunodeficiency) due to the fact a large portion of the snake's body is missing. Another possibility is that the snake would be attacked/eaten by another animal, since the snake is in position where it can not defend it self it would make great dinner for any sized rodent or mammal. 

But what if we perhaps had a snake that was particularly motivated? All of the for-mentioned answers are based on time and chance, bacterial infections don't happen instantly and being eaten is just bad luck. Maybe we could even place the snake in a sterile environment?  

If we rule out those ideas we are left to come to the conclusion the snake would simply vanish. Yep that's right, it would disappear off the face of the earth. But how is that possible? The laws of thermodynamics state that energy can not be created nor destroyed, wouldn't this break the laws of physics? I'm not ruling that out as a possibility but there is a more reasonable explanation than that.

Most animals exist in all three states of matter, liquid, solid and gas. But what is happening when a snake starts to eat itself is that it's simply changing matter from a solid state to liquid and gas state, otherwise known as digestion. It is turning its fat and muscle tissue into glucose, then stored in the muscles as muscle glycogen. Once that is full it is then turned to fat and helps build muscle. Which is where we started. But there is only about a merely 10% efficiency when it comes to digestion, most of the energy turns in to waste heat and gas exchange. 
So we only have 10% of the snake left, but it is definitely not alive but just remnants of what the snake once was. What ever is left would quickly decompose into gas and or be eaten by other animals. 
So there we have it, the snake is gone.

This concept is definitely a mind twister but to summarise if a snake were to start eating itself from its own tail, as long as it doesn't die from infection or other animals it would simply disappear into gas and heat from digestion. A small part of the snake would remain but that would also quickly decompose into gas.  

What do you think?

Written by Reyce Fakira Mackenzie


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