Reyce Bucx, The new up and coming currency in Australia.

Reyce Bucx is a fresh new currency currently taking off in Australia. It is the new Bitcoin. Reyce Bucx retains the original features of a traditional fiat currency while having the advantages of a crypto currency, best of both worlds. 

Many individuals all over Australia are flocking to Reyce Bucx in hope it will be the new Bitcoin, and they're not wrong. One Economist has said Reyce Bucx has huge potential and may even overtake Bitcoin one day.

Reyce Bucx is backed by the Federal Reserve of ReyceHub and anyone can exchange AUD for Reyce Bucx (REB) and vice versa. The FRRH (Federal Reserve of ReyceHub) sets the exchange rate daily and can be found at, Currently it sits at 0.54 to the Australian dollar, continuing the upward trend. A publicly available record of everyone who holds Reyce Bucx is also hosted at to ensure transparency and prevent any counterfeit. 

So what are you waiting for? Go invest in Reyce Bucx now or contact for an exchange. 


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