Why the gambling age should be lowered to 12

With the global pandemic going on right now, it would be a wise decision to lower the minimum gambling age to 12 to increase spending and help kick start the economy.

These recent events have caused unprecedented damage to Australia's economy, many relying on the governments "JobKeeper" payments to even stay afloat.
To combat this the Australian Federal government should implement new measures and strategies to help give the economy a leg up.
Economists suggest the government should ease restrictions around businesses that restrict the demographic that can partake in them.
One of these restrictions is the minimum gambling age of 18. This is based upon archaic legislation from decades ago and is honestly just out right ridiculous, society's values have simply just changed since then.
Now days as soon as a child picks up a gaming controller he/she is exposed to the world of in game loot boxes that are essentially equivalent to the pokies, the only difference being one is legal and one is not. 
This unfair biased double standard needs to be removed as soon as possible.
Image from the video game 'Overwatch' of loot boxes
This legislation unfairly affects small Australian gambling businesses and favours large international conglomerates such as Blizzard and Activation. All of this potential profit is being funneled overseas to tax heavens, essentially by passing the ATO. This isn't what Australia is about, this needs to change.

Lowering the minimum gambling age to 12 would teach valuable lessons to our young Aussie children. Teaching them about proper risk assessment and financial responsibility, something much better to learn at a younger age when one has no financial responsibilities and making mistakes wont hurt.

This law needs to change, law needs to match societies values to be successful and this just simply doesn't anymore. Get in contact with your local MP and tell them this is an issue you care about, together we can inspire change!

Journalist: Reyce Fakira Mackenzie


  1. I completetly agree. the fact that I cannot gamble is an insult to my intelligence.

  2. I agree, my dad is a crippling gambling addict and alcoholic, I think if he was exposed to gambling at a younger age he wouldn't have developed this addiction.


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